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Japanese quality meets Dutch innovation

JRC is a world leading marine electronics producer specializing in the design and manufacture of industry compliant products. Alphatron Marine is a world renowned supplier of integrated bridge solutions and manufacturer of unique complementary products to the JRC portfolio. With Centers of Excellence in Tokyo, Rotterdam, Singapore and Houston, the combined synergies bring quality and innovation to owners, operators and shipyards, redefining the future of ocean navigation.

The partnership

On 1 January 2014, JRC and Alphatron Marine established a far-reaching strategic partnership bringing together a unique combination of expertise offering a one-stop-shopping concept for navigation, communication, automation and complete integrated bridge solutions. Together delivering the best in maritime electronics from JRC and Alphatron Marine as a single supplier and total system integrator.

Shipbuilders can now purchase every product from a single supplier that caters for the entire system, from maritime PABX boards to wind instrumentation and from radar and radio communication to bridge consoles. If preferred, everything can be delivered prefabricated from one of our workshops around the world. To complete the service we can offer technical and commercial advice, engineering support, a 24/7 helpdesk, life-time “in service” support via the global JRC/Alphatron service network and remote maintenance via a satellite link.

What remains unchanged is that JRC will continue as manufacturer to produce and sell JRC products and Alphatron will complement these products with the Alphaline range and the products of other suppliers.

Combining the service networks of both companies will further enhance the experience that JRC customers currently receive and expect, a key philosophy that JRC is founded on.

Building on the synergies of both companies, the industry specific Centers of Excellence will combine the operating offices of each as necessary. Presenting a seamless integration and streamlining these functional strengths will immediately allow JRC to provide ship owners and shipyards what they require, both now and in the future.

Centers of Excellence

For almost 100 years, JRC has delivered unsurpassed quality marine electronics throughout the world via an extensive network of JRC offices and agents and for nearly 25 years, Alphatron Marine has gained ground in the highly competitive market of electronic equipment on the basis of a simple recipe: deliver what you promise.

The collaboration between JRC and Alphatron Marine has resulted in the world’s most technologically advanced marine electronics solutions. Organized from our Center of Excellence network and with a combined 125 years of expertise as a foundation, we offer a true one-stop-shopping concept that provides shipowners and shipyards with peace of mind.

Each Center of Excellence offers local sales and support, marketing, training, technical support, on board service (repair and inspection) and distributor management for the region. The Centres of Excellence are interconnected with each other and are able to share information within the same system, therefore allowing us to be continually up-to-date, regardless of time zone or normal opening hours of each center. With such an integrated setup we are able to provide a total concept for newbuildings from offshore patrol vessels to IBS, NAUT-OSV(A) classed anchor handlers in addition to the retrofitting of any required marine Product. Delivery is fast, whether we are supplying a small fishing vessel or a VLCC.

At the core of our Centers of Excellence is a highly committed team that is available 24/7 to listen to our customers and focus on innovative solutions for a myriad of needs.


Local workforce, global outlook

In house design engineering software programs AutoCad, Inventor and SEE Electrical guarantee the same quality of engineering worldwide.

With the nature of our modular concept we can pre-assemble the complete bridge at on of our workshops and ship globally.

A team of specialist engineers is available in order to advise, engineer, install, sell and operate on any of our Products anywhere in the world.

We are able to provide a customer defined technical, operational or approved ECDIS training at any of the training centers around the world.


Immediately following the announcement of the strategic partnership between JRC and Alphatron Marine, we commenced on the global launch of the AlphaBridge.

Do you need to have complete control of the vessel within reach, or do you have limited available space? We have designed a bridge that makes safe operation from the bridge easier, regardless of the class or size of the vessel. Our modular AlphaBridge solution forms the basis of a design that meets all your needs.

A revolutionary new bridge design with a display size that can be extended up to 46-inch monitors we are meeting the world wide shipbuilding demands from an all encompassing one-man bridge to a more traditional version for the Far East market, where navigating officers customarily operate the bridge while standing.

‘Seeing is believing,’ was the response to our bridge solutions from visitors to our stands at trade fairs in Korea, China, Singapore, Japan, Greece and Germany.

For offshore and patrol vessels

The first bridge pictured is a unique, fully integrated one man bridge with three 46-inch screens designed for offshore and patrol vessels, showing radar, ECDIS, conning, alarm monitoring and dynamic positioning data at a glance from a comfortable captain’s chair with all instruments and operating panels within arms reach.

For large merchant vessels

The second innovative and integrated bridge solution is a derivative of the one-man bridge for offshore and patrol vessels, but adapted for large vessels. The five 46-inch screens and central console provide a very clear overview of all the navigation information as well as easy access to all the operating panels of the communication equipment, steering and other ship’s equipment like the lighting and engine control.

For tugboats and ferries

The third modular bridge, a variant for tugboats and ferries, is the result of a design study we undertook with one of the world’s largest tugboat operators. This bridge solution offers good visibility all round the vessel and ensures ship control without compromise.

Research has shown that the number-one complaint among bridge officers when it comes to electronic chart display systems (ECDIS) involves the step down from large hardcopy [paper] maps to a small [electronic] display. Now, thanks to the crystal-clear and large monitors, the size of an electronic chart is comparable to the old charts that officers are accustomed to.

Concept & Design

JRC and Alphatron Marine offer a total concept solution for both shipbuilder and customer. We will listen to all requests for variants on our core bridge concepts. We take the AlphaBridge or AlphaPremiumBridge (with 26, 36 or 46-inch screen options) as the basis and incorporate the desired observation and control elements according to a number of ergonomic principles, such as ensuring operating panels are always within reach.

As a shipbuilder, you do not have to worry about the size of a cabinet, we take care of that. We take away any concerns our customers might have and maintain all contact with subcontractors if required. As a total systems integrator, Alphatron Marine understands the importance of securing all interfaces, so whether you are a shipbuilder, owner or designer, we can make your job easier.

In addition to standard modular consoles and equipment, AlphaBridge offers you specific modules for offshore, dredging, catamaran ferries and use on equipment vessels. Special custom-made designs are available on request.

Design has become increasingly important over the years given the constant increase in the complexity of maritime technology and the drop in the number of able seamen on board. We recommend starting the design of the bridge at the earliest possible stage of a project built from scratch. That way, the owners of the craft have plenty of time to consider (and view) the design for the best configuration possible, keeping it solid and stable, without compromising on a sleek design. And by devoting time and attention to the design, problems can be averted before they even arise.

‘Today, we have a challenge to change and reshape the face of marine equipment and integration that we see today. With the marine industry’s own unique and ever evolving dynamics, together with Alphatron Marine we can embrace the challenges and opportunities presented to us’.

Jun Nakazawa
General Manager JRC

‘Where communication, observation, navigation and automation are of crucial importance, you can count on the technological solutions and top quality electronics of Alphatron Marine. With our broad Product range and our highly skilled employees, we deliver proven solutions that work’.

Luuk Vroombout
CEO Alphatron Marine Group