ECDIS performance standard

Important notice

New ECDIS performance standard

JRC responds to upcoming revised ECDIS performance standard

Japan Radio Company (JRC) is pleased to outline its position with respect to IEC61174 Ed 4.0 as it directly impacts the current and legacy JRC ECDIS models which are currently in service. The new performance standard will deliver improved functionality and offers improved integration with VDR, BAM and BNWAS leading to a safer navigation experience.

The International Hydrographic Office (IHO) announced at the end of 2014 that the revised performance standard for the graphical presentation of Electronic Navigation (ENC) had been accepted by all its members. Initially this revision for the new type approval standard would be effective as per August 2016 (grace period 12 months after August 2015) for compliance for existing vessels, but the IMO Member States approved IHO’s proposal at the NSCR 3rd session to extend the withdrawal date of the previous versions to August 2017.

The main updated IHO standard included the revised display of chart symbols, categories and alarming and warnings. Also new chart symbols were added. The new IHO standard is S-52 Ed.6.1.0 (from S-52 Ed6.0) and the presentation library (PL) will be Ed.4.0 (from Ed.3.4). The new IEC61174 Ed.4.0 standard naturally complies with the new IHO standard, with the adding of coordinates for the polar routes (latitude of 85 and higher) and changes to manual updating of chart objects to ensure virus protection.

JRC is currently working to update all relevant points to comply with the new IHO standard, with the following action policy:

JAN-701/901/901M (M-type)

For these legacy models and even ECDIS prior to this series of ECDIS unfortunately no upgrade will be available after August 2016. Due to significant software and hardware modification requirements and also discontinuation of technical support of the Windows NT operating system, we regrettably will not be able to offer any update for these M-type ECDIS series to the new performance standard.

We recommend replacement with JAN-7201/9201 for full compliance and smooth integration with existing onboard systems.

JAN-701B/901B/2000 (B-type)

JRC will prepare a software update to be compliant with the revised IHO standard. The price structure and software update procedure will follow in due time.

JMR-9200/7200/JAN-9201/7201 (MFD)

JRC will prepare a software update to be compliant with the revised IEC standard.

Please be aware that this information is subject to later revisions upon any amendment or additional requirement by IHO and/or IMO for performance standards and type approval. Software release schedule will be advised at a later stage.