Inmarsat A service termination at 31st December 2007

This document describes the Inmarsat-A Service Termination information. Inmarsat has already announced that Inmarsat-A service terminate at 23:59 31st December 2007 for All Ocean Region. When the Inmarsat-A service terminates, the TDM carrier from NCS will terminate completely such as the receiving level will be reduced to 0.

Model type

JUE-5A, JUE-15, JUE-15AM2, JUE-15AM3
JUE-35A, JUE-35A C2, JUE-35B, JUE-35BC2
JUE-45A, JUE-45A C2, JUE-45AM2, JUE-45AM2 C2
JUE-45T, JUE-45T C2

Action taken

You should turn off the main power switch of the Inmarsat-A terminal saving the power resource, and the antenna has to be fixed after the switch off according to the operation manual.

If you will dismount the Inmarsat-A terminal, please follow the disposal regulation according to each countries organization.