Blue Ocean Wireless Partners with JRC

Blue Ocean Wireless (”BOW”), an Irish company focused on delivering GSM communication capability for the merchant maritime sector, and Japan Radio Company (“JRC”), one of the world’s longest established companies in the field of marine electronics, today announced that JRC will provide BOW with its Fleet F33 terminal, the JUE-33, to connect BOW onboard equipment to the Inmarsat satellite system.

JRC was selected by Blue Ocean Wireless to provide Fleet F33 terminals onboard customers’ vessels given its proven track record in wireless communication and its position as the leading supplier of Inmarsat mobile earth stations. JRC’s Fleet F33 terminal has the world’s smallest antenna, and is easily fitted to any maritime vessel. It also provides the opportunity to be easily upgraded to the next-generation FleetBroadband terminal which will be launched in late 2007. This will ultimately provide greater bandwidth and add service capability to Blue Ocean Wireless’ product offering.

Blue Ocean Wireless, together with Inmarsat, Stratos, JRC and a leading GSM network operator, provides a dedicated global GSM service for crew members of merchant ships. Blue Ocean Wireless’ service, for the first time, enables seafarers to use their existing mobile phones on board vessels in deep ocean water in exactly the same way that they do in port or on land. BOW also enables ship owners, insurers and government authorities, as well as suppliers and customers, to track and monitor individual containers on board merchant vessels as they traverse the globe using a combination of GPRS and RFID technology.

“This is a cutting-edge product, far superior to anything in the market place” said Mr. Jun Nakazawa, Operations Manager of JRC. “JRC is very excited by our partnership arrangements to co-provide seafarers with an affordable entry to the world of GSM communications at sea..”

Mr Robert Johnson, CEO of Blue Ocean Wireless, commented, “We are delighted to announce this agreement with JRC, an established provider of global communications solutions to the merchant maritime sector.”