Introducing FB500 – onboard communication has never been this fast

On 19 November 2007 Inmarsat launched the FleetBroadband service and simultaneously JRC introduced the JUE-250 FleetBroadband FB250. Now with the third I-4 satellite in orbit, Inmarsat has started repositioning a number of satellites to provide global coverage – expecting to be ready end February 2009.

In parallel to this, JRC introduces the next-generation JUE-500 FleetBroadband FB500.

This newest member of JRC’s highly successful Inmarsat products is the second IP-based maritime terminal, capable of supporting always-on broadband connectivity at speeds up to 432kbps and streaming IP data rate of up to 256kpbs. These unparalleled levels of bandwidth and connectivity will significantly reduce the cost for both business and crew communication.

In addition, it allows users to send and receive text messages of up to 160 characters, a feature that is proven popular with crew who are used of texting from their GSM mobiles while on shore.

High-speed voice and data communication will be delivered to the maritime world in an economical package. The electronics and mechanical design make the JRC JUE-500 as advanced on the inside as it is on the outside. JRC adapted the three-axis control system in the antenna, which is proven to be highly reliable and the best way to keep the size to a minimum. Our company's long experience of antenna design also ensured that the antenna and below deck equipment would be robust and easy to install.

JRC’s cost-effective cable management allows you to install the JUE-500 easily. No gyro or GPS input is required and by having JRC proven no cable unwrap system integrated, efficient installation is guaranteed.

JRC plans to start shipping the JUE-500 FleetBroadband FB500 spring 2009.