JRC introduces the even deeper-sensing ‘Handy Search’

Japan Radio Company (JRC), today launched the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) NJJ-95B Handy Search, and as a result of a recently acquired a CE and FCC approval, JRC is ready to enter the worldwide ‘GPR’ market.

The main purpose of the Handy Search is to inspect the quality of constructions, and as the demand for quality assurance inspections of concrete buildings is booming, JRC’s new advancements in technology has made the Handy Search a valuable and highly reliable tool to perform inspections.

The Handy Search is a device that radiates electromagnetic waves through concrete surfaces and receives reflected signals from specific objects that have different characteristics. The depth and location of those specific objects are displayed and recorded as image data.

Today, the Handy Search is already a highly reputable and well accepted inspection device in the Japanese market, having the ability to detect non-metallic objects, such as cavities and polyvinyl chloride pipes and metallic objects, avoiding any accidental cutting of reinforced steel bars, electrical conduit and wiring, gas pipes, or plumbing.

The NJJ-95B Handy Search continues the tradition of enhanced depth data technology, sharing the same simple configuration as its predecessor, but gives users a range of new features not previously found on this class of ‘concrete radars’. Its high performance (allowing for a detection depth of 30 centimeters) and all-in-one functionality provides enhanced stability and read-out. Also the exceedingly compact and light-weight design, weighing only 1.1 kilogram, contributes to improved ergonomics and user-friendliness.