Opening JRC Germany

Japan Radio Company, one of the worlds longest established manufacturers in the field of marine navigation and communication equipment, opened today a new JRC office in Hamburg, Germany, which enables us to strengthen our presence and expand our reach in the German market.

Throughout the opening ceremony, JRC addressed many important topics, including the launch of new products, reflecting the latest IMO rules and regulations. With the business partially driven by IMO regulations, JRC is aware the constant process of development and evaluation to meet, and exceed IMO requirement are a key factor in providing safety at sea.

JRC provided a live demonstration of Inmarsat’s new FleetBroadband service via the JUE-250 FleetBroadband FB250, and temporarily transformed the terrestrial grounds into a “broadband floating office”, staged in the heart of Hamburg.

The JUE-250 antenna was located on the terrace at the 30th floor, and via the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) satellite, we were able to demonstrate the capabilities of JRC’s unique Remote Maintenance System (RMS). The requirement for quicker repair and maintenance of equipment onboard vessels can simply be realized with existing VDR technology, resulting in more economical time/value solutions for the modern IT driven, maritime industry.

As a part of the JUE-250 FleetBroadband FB250 focal point, JRC has invited Mr. Piers Cunningham, head of maritime business of Inmarsat. Mr. Cunningham relayed the importance of the industry-changing FleetBroadband service to the audience. “These unparalleled levels of bandwidth and connectivity will significantly reduce the cost for both business and crew communication.”

Another guest speaker was Mr. Volker Sommer from airtime provider Vizada. “FleetBroadband has the potential to alter the way mariners and vessels communicate, just as terrestrial broadband has changed the way people use the internet”.

>“A range of new JRC products are coming in the near future” said Mr. Jun Nakazawa, Operations Manager of JRC Europe. “The new JRC products have common design and modern user interface. The new products include MF/HF, DGPS, ECDIS, IMO radars, and FleetBroadband products.”

“The opening of our new office will allow us to further build upon our successes, as well as demonstrating an ongoing commitment to Germany”, Mr. Harry Miyashita, General Manager of JRC Europe commented. “It is undoubtedly a very competitive market, but we have recognized that there are huge opportunities and we look forward to introduce our new range of navigation and communication to existing and future JRC users.”

After a successful grand opening of JRC Germany, JRC hosted a buffet and drinks reception that proved to be a perfect opportunity for everyone to meet one another and share their thoughts. JRC was proud to have had so many major German re-sellers & ship-owners in attendance at the opening, something that was key to the success of the event.