New JRC radars receive world first MED type approval

Japan Radio Company (JRC) has developed and received certification for 3 new series of marine radars, comprising a total of 24 models, complying with the new IMO radar performance standard MSC 192(79). The requirement for radars installed conform new IMO performance standard will be implemented on or after 1 July 2008.

The European MED approval certification acquired from EU notified body QinetiQ is the first in the world for radars complying with these new IMO requirements.

The new IMO radar performance standard IEC62388:2008 has the following improvements and additional functionality compared to the current requirements:

  • Improved radar target detection performance in rain and sea clutter
  • Additional changes in the basic requirements for radar performance
  • ITU-R Conformity to the frequency band spurious emissions.
  • Conformity to IMO performance standards on navigation presentation MSC 191(79)
  • Radar image display and measurement by Consistent Common Reference Position (CCRP)

In addition, JRC has integrated the latest leading technologies, such as the second generation and patented Constaview™, which rotates and displays the radar images in real time. Also developed exclusively by JRC, Target Enhancement Function (TEF™) allows target enhancement relative to target size. The smaller echoes are far more enlarged than bigger echoes, giving a better on-screen separation and identification.

Radars installed on or after 1 July 2008 are required to conform to new IMO radar performance standards MSC 192(79).

JRC MED approved radar series:

JMA-9100 radar series – 9 models
23.1” color LCD: 10, 25 and 30kW, X and S-band

JMA-7100 radar series – 9 models
19” color LCD: 10, 25 and 30kW, X and S-band

JMA-5300Mk2 radar series – 6 models
19” color LCD: 10, 25 and 30kW, X and S-band

Date of MED acquisition: May, 2008