Solid State radar receives type approval

Japan Radio Company has developed and received certification for JRC model JMA-9172-SA, solid state S-band marine radar from EU certification notified body QinetiQ.

The new radar complies with new IMO radar performance standard MSC. 192 (79). This new performance standard is applicable for all IMO radars installed onboard vessels on or after 1 July 2008. Draft approval certification was issued to JRC on 12 September 2008, and JRC is pleased to make a world’s first announcement of a type approved solid state radar complying with these new IMO regulations.

The JMA-9172-SA solid state radar is a model within JRC’s JMA-9100 series, which also were the world firsts magnetron based radars, complying with the new IMO requirements and has approval certification issued by QinetiQ in May earlier this year.

The JMA-9172-SA radar is available as a two-unit solid state system comprising the new scanner and display unit of the JMA-9100 radar series. JRC have designed and built in-house the JMA-9172-SA solid state transceiver and processing units, all of which are key devices of this technology in a new model NKE-1532 scanner unit.