Simply apply for service online – and save money

Starting 1 October 2008, JRC will re-introduce the online service arrangement system, which will include a refreshed appearance and an easier way of operation.

The new look of JRC’s online service system comes with a special promotion. We are pleased to offer 10% labor-charge price cut, when a service request is directly made by the customer.

The discounted rate – 10% on labor charges invoiced1 – is valid from 1 October 2008 through 31 December 2008.

Visit our service request page2, which is available in English and Japanese. Click on your preferred language for direct access.

Additionally, as of 15 October 2008, the Marine Service Department portal will be open to all customers to easily access all product catalogues and copies of type approval certificates.

Need further advice?
Call us at 81 3 3492 1305/2192 or send an email to

  1. Service parts, consumption tax etc are excluded
  2. To login, it is necessary to acquire ID and install security certificate on PC. Email our staff to issue.