JRC FB250 terminal JUE-250 satellite map update tool

JRC strongly recommends that FleetBroadband JUE-250 mobile terminals requiring full global coverage should be updated to the new satellite map after the deployment of the I-4 EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) satellite on 6 February 2009.

Why is the update required?

Inmarsat is repositioning two satellites in the Inmarsat-4 (I-4) satellite constellation to optimize the network in readiness for the introduction of global FleetBroadband coverage. This repositioning process commenced on 7 January, and is due to complete on 24 February 2009.

Without the map update, the JUE-250 will have access to the new I-4 Americas satellite at 98 degrees West, but not to access the repositioned I-4 EMEA (formerly I-4 F2) and I-4 Asia-Pacific (formerly I-4 F1) satellites, in their new locations at 25 degrees East and 143.5 degrees East respectively. This is due to incompatibility of satellite map management (location, frequencies and coverage area). Therefore JRC strongly recommends that after 6 February users and service providers download the JUE-250 satellite map update tool to enable them to update to the new satellite map to access the full global FleetBroadband service.

When is the update required?

From 6 February 2009, the date the I-4 EMEA satellite re-enters commercial service at 25 degrees East.

At this point, from 16:00 UTC on 6 February, in a window lasting for about one hour, FleetBroadband traffic in the Indian Ocean Region will be transferred from the I-4 F1 satellite to I-4 EMEA.

Users in the Indian Ocean Region

For FleetBroadband terminals currently located in the I-4 Indian Ocean Region (IOR) satellite area, the satellite map must be updated after 17:00 UTC on 6 February 2009, after the transfer of traffic has been completed. If the satellite map is updated before 6 February 2009, user terminals will be unable to communicate in the IOR satellite area.

In the event that a user’s satellite map is updated before 6 February 2009, the associated terminal will be unable to communicate in the new I-4 Asia-Pacific satellite region after 24 February 2009. In this case, the satellite map must be re-updated after 6 February 2009.

Users in the Asia-Pacific Region

FleetBroadband users are reminded that the second planned I-4 service outage begins in parts of the Asia-Pacific region from about 16:00 UTC on 6 February. This is currently scheduled to last for 19 days, ending at approximately 18:00 UTC on 24 February.

Obtaining the update tool

The JRC FB250 terminal JUE-250 new satellite map update is downloaded from the Inmarsat support website.

Click here to visit the Inmarsat support page.

For any queries, users are advised to approach their Inmarsat service provider for update support.

It should be noted that if the JUE-250 satellite map update tool is downloaded over the air, it will add cost to users' airtime bills. The file size is around 1.5 MB.

Customer queries relating to the terminal or tool should be addressed to the JRC contacts below.

JRC Europe
Tel 31 20 658 0750
Fax 31 20 658 0755
Email service@jrceurope.com

JRC America
Tel 1 206 654 5644
Fax 1 206 654 7030
Email marineservice@jrcamerica.com

For other queries, please contact email customer_care@inmarsat.com