JRC receives Samsung-Q Mark Gold award

Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI), a world-leading shipbuilding company from Korea, have awarded Japan Radio Company (JRC), one of the world’s longest established companies in the field of marine electronics, the prestigious Samsung-Q Mark Gold. This award is presented to the company selected from hundreds of manufacturers worldwide with the best quality performance. In 2011 JRC was chosen the best-qualified manufacturer of radio & navigation equipment.

In 2002 SHI started this program to achieve the highest rate of customer satisfaction. Since the start of the program, JRC has received consecutively in 2002, 2005 and 2008 the Samsung-Q Mark Silver and this year received the highest Samsung-Q Mark award Gold. SHI is focused on providing vessels with zero-defects, and JRC quality assurance, materials control, after-sales service and production management is proven world class. We will continue providing products with the utmost performance and services.

Mr. J.W. Nam, Vice President of SHI commented “As the result of your company’s prominent system for high quality management, JRC is awarded Q-Mark Gold and would like to express profound gratitude for your company been supplying high quality equipments to SHI”

Mr. Kazuaki Uchino, Vice Executive of JRC Marine Electronics Division, commented “We are honored to receive this prominent award. It is a great recognition for our policy to achieve the highest rate of customer satisfaction”.

At SHI, the decision-making power is focused on providing vessels with zero-defects and a high customer satisfaction rate. It is essential to cooperate with the best partners in the industry, providing high-quality materials and marine equipment in order to achieve the maximum performance. In dealing with this aspect, SHI has designed and introduced the Samsung-Q Mark to sub-contractors with superior quality to enhance quality systems as well as sub-contractor level.

An evaluation of sub-contractor quality systems is held annually to find companies with superior quality for the Samsung-Q Mark certificate. Sub-contractors that have achieved good quality performance and have met all the requirements according to SHI quality standards can be awarded, which is valid for three years.