A new generation JAN-2000 available


Tokyo, Japan, 4 November 2013 – Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (JRC) has announced the introduction the second generation JAN-2000, integrating a new, more powerful processor, designed to deliver very high performance while still keeping the ECDIS an economical choice.

The JAN-2000 comes standard with the same processor that is also found on the JAN-901B/701B. Feedback from captains, factory testing and benchmarks show the new processor is a vast improvement. Especially remarkable is the operational performance running very smooth and efficiently fast when changing range scale or dragging the chart. The number of serial ports tripled to 9 available as standard.

A small Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is built in as standard, allowing 60 seconds of power for the OS to close down automatically.

The JAN-2000 consists of a 19 or 23-inch display (option), processor and keyboard, allowing for simple configuration and flexible installation approach. It is also possible to install selected third party displays as an alternative.

Find more information visit the JAN-2000Mk2 product page.

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