Solid State S-band radar for wider market

Tokyo, Japan, 16 July 2013 –Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (JRC) has announced the introduction of a 250mm version of the Solid State S-band radar, JMA-5372-SA. The radar is fully IMO compliant for vessels below 10,000 GT or available as a ‘black box’ version for vessels that do not necessarily have to comply with these regulations or where space is at a premium.

The JRC digital radar is the result of an International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and IMO incentive aimed at developing radars that use less radio frequency bandwidth. In 2011 the first commercial JRC Solid State S-band radar (JMA-9172-SA) appeared for large commercial vessels.

Since there is no magnetron in the Solid State radar, transmission capacity is only 250W compared to a traditional S-band radar at 30kW. The advanced pulse compression significantly improves the long and short distance detection of targets while using only 1/100th of the transmission capacity of a conventional radar. The Solid State technology also more clearly discriminates between moving targets and works as soon as the radar is switched on since it needs no pre-heating or tuning.

The new technology meets, and is approved to, the same rigorous environmental standards with respect to extreme temperatures, humidity and vibration.

With the price gap between Solid State and the magnetron versions becoming significantly reduced as production increases, the cost saving by not having to replace a magnetron every two years or so is clearly evidenced.

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