Shorter lead time for newbuilding projects due to quality drive in planning process


Since the beginning of 2014, the engineering, logistics, procurement and production departments have been working with an integrated planning schedule that is monitored by the logistics department. For shipyards this means shorter lead times for production and delivery of bridge consoles and equipment for newbuilding or retrofit projects.

Laurens Boot, Project Planner explains, "Our project portfolio has grown significantly, from around 40 in 2004 to 200 projects in 2014. In addition, projects have become more extensive and complex with time, not least due to our unique one-stop shop concept. One of the measures taken has introduced an integral planning schedule so that we can continue to ensure that deliveries to customers are both prompt and reliable."

When a shipyard places an order with us, we start with an internal 'kick-off' meeting with those involved in the areas of commerce, engineering, procurement and logistics. In consultation with the shipyard, engineering and procurement departments, the logistics department drafts a global planning schedule in terms of both production and delivery to the shipyard. As all of the departments and parties involved can harmonize any potential issues in the earliest stages of a project, any difficulties become obvious straight away, and we can begin looking for solutions immediately. Even if a project needs to be ready sooner or has to be deferred, we can accommodate the change without any trouble.

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