Revolutionary high-end bridge design


Immediately following the announcement of the strategic partnership between Japan Radio Company (JRC) and Alphatron Marine, we commenced on the global launch of the AlphaPremiumBridge. A revolutionary new bridge design with 46-inch monitors, meeting world wide shipbuilding demands from an all encompassing one-man bridge to a more traditional version for the Far East market, where navigating officers customarily operate the bridge while standing.

‘Seeing is believing,’ was the response to our bridge solutions from visitors to our stands at trade fairs in Korea, China, Singapore, Japan and Greece. Research has shown that the number-one complaint among bridge officers when it comes to electronic chart display systems (ECDIS) involves the step down from large hardcopy [paper] maps to a small [electronic] display. Now, thanks to the crystal-clear and large AlphaPremiumBridges LED monitors, the size of an electronic chart is comparable to the old charts that officers are accustomed to.

A welcome reception
We predict that large monitors on the bridge will be the next big thing, not only on workboats and patrol craft, but also on more traditional vessels such as bulk carriers and tankers. There was a great deal of interest in the system from LNG tanker operators during the trade fair in Japan, and our new bridge design will help maximize safety when transporting hazardous cargo. Furthermore, large monitors are an aid to interpreting the huge flow of information that is now displayed on the radar/ECDIS or conning monitors. A range of high-speed patrol craft are most likely to be fitted out with the AlphaPremiumBridge system before the year is out.

The AlphaPremiumBridge is, like JRC’s new Multi Function Display series, available in anthracite grey with metallic silver and comes with a variety of 46-inch monitors (26- and 36-inch monitors are also available) in the foremost console, together with additional consoles with control and operating panels and also a center steering console. The bridge is of a modular design, which allows us to flexibly cater to the specific requirements and wishes of shipyards and shipowners. The supporting Multi Function Displays, such as those in bridge wings, also come with the same intuitive design as the large monitors.

The JRC AlphaPremiumBridge is built in accordance with the IMO regulations and is available for all vessels, irrespective of their tonnage and class notation, such as IBS or NAUT-OSV (A). The bridge can be manufactured as near to the actual building location as possible. Meanwhile, DNV type approval is expected to be granted by September 2014.

JRC is a world leading marine electronics producer specializing in the design and manufacture of industry compliant products. Alphatron Marine is a world renowned supplier of integrated bridge solutions and manufacturer of unique complementary products to the JRC portfolio. With the full support of Centers of Excellence in Tokyo, Rotterdam, Singapore and Houston, the combined synergies bring quality and innovation to owners, operators and shipyards, redefining the future of ocean navigation.