Uniform user interface

With just one physical button on the display, the three display sizes may be the first thing you notice. But there is so much more. Our engineers have created a beautiful platform for the software driven instrument line. The three display sizes may be horizontal or vertical, regardless of which of the many different products software is installed. The graphical user interface is logical, easy to use and consistent throughout.

This uniform approach and complete range of sophisticated display lines have been built from the ground up and inspired by JRC’s Multi Function Display (MFD). Think of logic of operation, finding menu buttons and even the color palette have been shared to create a consistent bridge and operational approach. This allows the operator to familiarize easily with our product range, whether it is the AlphaLine Repeater, JRC’s MFD or any of the navigation and communication products that will be introduced in the near future.

Day, dusk, night and more

All our instruments feature dim backlighting from 0 to 100% from a central dimming system and have a theme-option available from the menu. This theme-option has three backlight presets where contrast and color are set in a fixed value and can be easily adjusted to day, dusk and night. Within these presets, a customer is able to do manual dimming with small increments.

Snap on mounting

Standard in the box is our famous and unique snap on flush mount system, making it possible to fit the display without tools. After cutting a hole that fits the mounting frame, the display can easily be pushed into the frame and kept in position by a click/spring system. As a result a minimal amount of screws or mounting bolts are visible and allows for easy maintenance.

Desktop and ceiling mounting

Desktop or ceiling mounting for the 6.5-inch display is optionally possible using a ruggedized and watertight bracket.