Extensive interfacing

Regardless of display size each display has a wide range of data inputs and outputs as standard. It features a LAN interface and four NMEA ports. All data ports are galvanically isolated, full duplex and supporting signals according to the NMEA standard. Also Modbus for serial communication with industrial controllers such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s) are supported.

Next to this, all products are provided with a relay with normal open and closed contacts, a mini-USB port for connecting a trackpad and a mini-SD card port for software updates or maintenance. MF displays variants do not contain moving parts and feature a static cooling system.

Extensive interfacing

All AlphaLine Repeater displays and accessories are designed for the industrial environment found on board of ships with respect to physical as well as electrical environment, and as such have been separately certified and comply with the marine IEC60945 and latest DNV 2.4 standard. By meeting these rigorous test standards we can ensure years of problem free operation.

One PCB for all

While developing the hardware we decided not to use a standard computer, but designed a dedicated computer board instead. This computer board is the same across the entire display line making maintenance easier and allows for a cost-effective approach throughout the display line. It also guarantees our ability to supply spare parts for many years.

It is designed with many features that off the shelf industrial computers do not have. Think of 4 integrated IEC61162 ports, relay contact, wide power supply range and temperature stability from -25 to 70 degrees. The performance is highly optimized both in computer design as in software to deliver PC performance on a very power efficient system by using a 182Mhz CPU instead of gigahertz performance other systems require.

Typical installation

As example, the picture on the left shows an repeater display as a rudder angle repeater. The picture on the right shows an display as a dedicated rudder angle indicator as part of a system, including an analog interface and a rudder feedback unit (with chain transmission).

Being part of a bigger picture

The new display line and trackpad and its accessories fitted inside the consoles line have not only been developed to function as individual products, but truly are a part of our of renowned total AlphaBridge concept. Designed with the same mindset, the display series fits perfectly with the technology and innovation we put in our bridge design.