For safety and identification

A new standard of navigation lights

Navigation lights are essential for safety and identification of vessels. In dark circumstances they provide information about the sailing direction of a vessel. Alphatron Marine offers a total type approved solution for navigation lights. This modular designed Alpha nav light system controls and monitors navigation and signal lights, both LED and conventional.

Type approved system
Control and monitoring of up to 42 lights
System compatible for conventional or LED lights
Maintenance free (no fuse replacement after short circuit)
Operation via customized control panel

Cost effective and operator friendly design
No disturbing lights, due to the automatic dimming function
Connection to other operating units is possible
Available in 24V DC and/or 115 to 230V AC
In case of power shutdown, the lamp remains operative

Type approved

The navigation lights will be supplied with wheelmark approval as standard. The system has the following type approvals as standard, DNV GL, Lloyds Register of Shipping (LR), Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) and Bureau Veritas (BV). Further approvals can be obtained on a project basis.

Flexible up to 42 independent lights

The system has a flexible configuration. The minimum configuration comprises of a basic module for 14 lights, a standard control panel and a power selector switch. Depending on requirements a maximum of 42 navigation lights can be connected by adding extension modules of 7 lights each. Control panels can be supplied in standard housing sizes (144/192/288 by 144 mm) or according customers’ specifications. Each light circuit is presented on the control panel by a button and indicating LED.

Maintenance free

The system is available in 24V DC and/or 115V to 230V AC. In case of power failure, the power supply can be switched over via a selector switch. Even if the module does not function, the lights will operate normally. The lights are separated from the power supply be means of relays. The system is maintenance free, even after a short circuit it is not needed to replace fuses. Even when navigation lights are used, operating hours and number of switching cycles can be recorded, which makes it easy to see when the lights need to be replaced. The system can be interfaced to complementary systems by CAN bus and/ or MOD bus.